Opinion – Britain’s Success Story – NYTimes.com – Paul Krugman – John Gelmini

Dr Alf makes an interesting point.

What austerity there was should have been time limited for 2 years, as was the case with Eire and Canada, and really put much of the public sector to the sword. What there was, was too little and for too long, with much of the public sector still left unscathed and unreformed.

Austerity should have been accompanied by measures for growth and exports rather than measures to force people to do almost any kind of work and in many cases on zero hours contracts. Without exports and growth the UK cannot create the private sector jobs that replace the lost public sector non jobs.

The public sector needs to be “broken to the fist”, not given tax raising powers and the ability to steal and waste even more money than it does already.

MP’s need to be reduced in number to 200 and we do not need 43 English County Councils,constabularies and fire commands.

Any extraordinary costs caused by mergers need to be borne by councils reducing headcount and wasteful processes not from the public by way of increased parking fines and other imposts.

Adult Social Care needs to be merged into the NHS which in turn needs to be restructured on German and French lines plus a greater emphasis on personal responsibility on the public for their own health.

Districts and Boroughs need to be abolished and their services outsourced and the Welsh,Northern Irish and Scots each cut loose,given true independence and no more Barnett Formula bankrolling.

John Gelmini

Opinion – As Abe pulls to the right, few go with him | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

It should be the beginning of the end for Abe because if he was a CEO of the sorts of multinational businesses Dr Alf and I used to work for and have as clients he would have been given his marching orders well over a year ago.

Sadly, incompetence and failure seem to be vital qualifications for too many of our so called leaders(Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Renzi, Abe and the previous ones like Monti, Berlesconi, Gordon Brown et al).

We need to replace the useless ones and gradually force those who are really in charge to stop treating the rest of us like idiots.

Their wealth and power rests on the flow of money, data and transactions circle will be broken unless current economic policies change to allow some of the wealth to trickle down so that people can spend and keep the circle of flow moving.

John Gelmini