Opinion – Storytelling is part of the European Commission’s job | EurActiv

This is a really interesting article published by Eur Activ. It’s a recommended read. Check.

via Storytelling is part of the European Commission’s job | EurActiv.

As I read the article and reflected, it stimulated mixed views.

My first reaction was that the European Commission were storytelling as a political expedient to justify the politicians and bureaucrats.

Once I actually read the article, I identified with communication to improve effectiveness of democracy in Europe.

But the realist in me focused on the mess that the European Commission had created in recent years, with excessive and prolonged focus on austerity – the millions of unemployed young people in Southern Europe want more than stories.

Most critically, my biggest bone of contention with the European Commission is the absence of effective strategy. My best example here is the energy directorate being pre-occupied with green issues whilst there was no overall effective energy strategy – the unfolding crisis with Ukraine provides the evidence.

For me, as a pro-Europe advocate, there is a need for robust strategic analysis, effective leadership and delivery, plus room for some good story-telling.


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