What a Train Journey in Myanmar (Burma) Taught me about #SocialMedia

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Looking down the track at Maymyo station Looking down the track at Maymyo station

Just recently returned from Myanmar (Burma), during the holiday I met a couple who knew very little about Social Media. It was during an evening meal, following an amazing train trip. The train took us from Maymyo to Hsipaw. Over the amazing Nyuang Pain crossing built by the British in 1903 over the Gokteik Gorge.

In was at dinner in Hsipaw that the subject of my work on-line and in Social Media came up.

So how do you explain Social Media to people who don’t do Social Media?

In Mayanmar, that morning we needed to get up early and we had time to have a tea at a local tea house (it even had WiFi).  We walked up and down the station. When the train arrived an additional two carriages needed to be shunted from a siding and connected to the main train…

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