The Tory machine is gearing up to back Boris Johnson as the next leader – Telegraph

This is an outstanding and insightful article by Peter Obone, the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via The Tory machine is gearing up to back Boris Johnson as the next leader – Telegraph.

Personally, I’m encouraged that the campaign for Boris Johnson to be the next leader of the UK Conservative Party is gaining speed. I don’t rate Theresa May. I think that Michael Gove is a good candidate but maintain that Boris Johnson would be much better as a leader – he also has a wider popularity.

I have always struggled with George Osborne. He has tended to favor political dogma rather than economic argument – he has no formal economic training. The Peter Obone article is revealing in that Osborne spends very little time at the Treasury and more on political strategy at 10 Downing Street. It worries me deeply that the economic management of the UK is delegated to Rupert Harrison, a special advisor. Whilst I accept that Harrison is a very bright and capable economist, he has not been elected, nor is he part of the official public sector.

The economy has been pumped up effectively, ahead of the election. But we are told that beyond, there will be further savage cuts to the public sector or major tax rises. Worryingly, there has been little attention to exports and improving skills of the UK workforce. Of course, the budget cuts to the public sector have slashed public services, including defense. The public health service is still hemorrhaging, despite increased funding.

Here’s an open question:

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surely, a UK minister should be giving his full-time attention to his ministerial job?



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  1. I agree with Dr Alf’s prognosis about George Osborne but the so-called Tory machine should have replaced David Cameron, who is pretty vacuous and useless at the best of times, with Boris more than a year ago.

    With Boris and a suitable deputy with telegenic qualities, the Conservatives have a chance of winning with perhaps one partner in Coalition.
    As things stand, it could take up to four-plus messy compromises.

    The UK has serious structural and strategic problems that our small-minded civil-servants and intellectually lightweight politicians have no hope of grasping, let alone dealing with.

    The same applies to those above them issuing their instructions.

    Many of them need to be replaced or eliminated by restructuring, so that decisions to benefit the majority and our long term interests are taken.

    Boris needs to become Tory Leader now, doing the job full-time, whilst Cameron needs to be sent packing to the UN, where he can spout hot air and deliver very little.

    The UK has to start paying its way, by making and selling enough of the things that people want, and it needs to attract foreign investment in infrastructure without exposing us to strategic risk.

    We need to be self-sufficient in energy and food, which means supporting farmers and not driving them to suicide and bankruptcy as we are now.

    These and the issue of radicalized Muslims, acting as a latter day “enemy within”, need firm decisive action and the full attention of Ministers.

    This is no time for boys doing men’s jobs, nor the Eton Wall Game, it is instead a time for relentless focus and the perfectly disciplined will.

    In short, the values of Spartans and the late Vince Lombardii of the Green Bay Packers, rather than genteel posturing on a sunlit vicarage lawn at a tea party.

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