Opinion: A changed chancellor? | Germany | DW.DE | 15.01.2015

This thoughtful article about Angela Merkel is well worth a read. Check it out!

via Opinion: A changed chancellor? | Germany | DW.DE | 15.01.2015

Personally, I have always admired Angela Merkel’s political skills, even if I have not necessarily agreed with her policies.

If Angela Merkel has indeed changed as much as this article infers, then perhaps Europe has a new set of risks? Without consensus, surely her power-base is weakened?

With Russia’s President Putin still strong and decisive, I worry about a new Angela Merkel.



One response

  1. Like Dr Alf I am not yet sure whether Angela Merkel has really changed.

    I am certain that it must be dawning on her that with ISIS we are now at war and the idea that we can go on appeasing their apologists in the “moderate Muslim community” in the way that we have up to now is very fast coming to an end.

    Pressure is building all across Europe for a more robust stance although on Question Time last night
    Mrs Merkel is behind German public opinion, as are all the European leaders.She will have to get ahead of it or get out of the way, as people have had enough and are now saying so.

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