Opinion – The Tyranny of the School Gates – SR Cloud

I would thoroughly recommend this book by SR Cloud, published by Amazon.

I really enjoyed this short book. I found it amusing and insightful. I loved the descriptions of suburban life. It’s a family story that could well happen in your family.

Here’s the description:

A man loses a job. A man thinks good, I hated corporate life, now I’ll get to spend some time with my son, and I’ll start a business, I’ll be positive, I’ll make something of this situation. But he is naive. He doesn’t realise that he can’t just drop his son off at school and pick him up without drawing the nervous attention of the mums who don’t really know how to deal with having him at the school gates. And consciously or not the mums decide never to speak to him, or to make eye contact with him, or to acknowledge he even exists. Maybe they behave like this because the man is a bit shy and a bit awkward and they are suspicious of where he’s come from, what his story is and maybe it’s just because he is a man in a woman’s world.



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