How the European dream is dying, state by state – Telegraph

AntiEU flag

AntiEU flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Anti-EU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is currently the most popular article in the Telegraph. With good graphics, it is a recommended read. Check it out!

How the European dream is dying, state by state – Telegraph.

What the Telegraph article does very effectively is to present a macro-view of anti-EU politics. Middle of the road democratic governments in Western Europe are increasingly likely to give way to governments from the hard-left and the hard-right; whilst there will be enormous variation in policies, they are likely to be of one in their criticism of the current EU and excessive and prolonged austerity.

The EU’s politicians, with their bureaucrats and sponsors can still save the day. There must be an urgent focus on investment and creating jobs, otherwise the EU experiment stands a serious risk of imploding. Structural reform is paramount too but, if necessary, it must be subordinated,

Personally, I have always been pro-Europe but more of a free-trade organization with vastly less bureaucracy.

I wonder if the EU will survive & how will history remember Germany‘s Chancellor, Angela Merkel?


Opinion – Real risk of widespread health charging under Tories, says Labour | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

NHS Job Shop: "Working for Health" i...

NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes Dr Alf is right, complete scrapping of the NHS, and replacement with a public healthcare model based on German, Singaporean and French healthcare systems is the way to go.

Then people, other than the mentally deficient, must be made responsible for their own healthcare and malingering pensioners and the deliberately work-shy seeking a way to extend their holidays and half terms, weekends and “duvet days” need to be kept out of GP surgeries.

The farce of A&E has multiple causes but a very big one is drunken night-clubbers, people fighting at the weekends, and pensioners going in there for the slightest ailment, and wasting the time of doctors and nurses who should be looking after the genuinely sick. Those people should be surcharged heavily, as a warning to others.

Bed blocking has multiple causes but merging Adult Social Care into the new healthcare system would create scale economies and remove most of the Directors of Social Services.

Early intervention using the ESD toolkit, mandatory curbs on salt and sugar content in food, treating food as medicine and not as a cost, re-engineering the environment to reduce health hazards and prescribing Tai Chi and Pilates to potential Adult Social Care recipients would help reduce those claiming or pretending to be qualified to receive incapacity benefit or “Personal Independence” benefit.

I know a number of people who cruise regularly and they tell me that the moment that the ship leaves Dover or Southampton, walking sticks, Zimmer frames, walkers, crutches and wheelchairs are miraculously discarded, and people supposedly unable to walk or move suddenly develop Lazarus like qualities and are able to ballroom dance, cavort in the swimming pool and disco their way until dawn.
Such people need to be surcharged and made to do unpaid work in hospitals wearing clearly identifiable clothing.

The massive increase in NHS managers and the disgrace of the revolving-door of managers leaving on a Friday and starting as an interim on a Monday needs to stop with a wholesale “putting to the sword” of all of them. The Labour Party presided over this increase in managers, after the 1st 188% increase under Margaret Thatcher, during the Blair years when numbers of managers increased by 225% again.

They wasted more money under Gordon Brown with theWanless Review to the tune of £7 billiongbp with worker productivity going 5% into reverse and they connived with the health service unions to scupper the weak management ofHinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon,the NHS’s first privately run hospital. Furthermore, they brought inAccenture after Margaret Thatcher banned them from all Government work following the production of accounts by Arthur Andersen which induced her Government to give John DeLorien £70 milliongbp so that he could manufacture his iconic sports cars in Northern Ireland.This resulted in Arthur Andersen coming up with the mathematical formulas which civil servants used to judge the benefits of PFI/PPP deals. Those formulas when applied to deals such as Peterborough hospital massively disadvantage the taxpayer all over the country so for the Labour Party to raise the spectre of charging is outrigh

t hypocrisy.

John Gelmini