New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine — RT News

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This is a must-read article from leading Russian news agency, RT. Check it out!

via New painkiller found in coffee – stronger than morphine — RT News.

I must say that I’m not entirely surprised by this latest research from Brazil. I have known people with a serious coffee addiction – and they often behaved like they were opiate users.


Opinion – How the European dream is dying, state by state – Telegraph – John Gelmini

There was a time when, like Dr Alf, I bought into the European Dream.

That dream, for those too young to remember, was of a Europe comprised of nation states in which there was free movement of goods, services and people, eventually a marketplace of 550 million people, and millions of new jobs.

This Europe we were told would have no more wars, we would all live in peace and harmony and when Europe was being represented in the great “Councils of the World” or when a European leader was in Washington or Beijing, then the leaders of those countries would sit up and take notice and the traffic would be stopped in advance of their arrival.

The reality has been rather different:

1) Not one net new job has been created in 30 years

2) Chancellor Kohl, a Bilderberger triggered the Bosnian war by recognizing Bosnia even after the Serbs had said it would mean a new Balkans war and gave the Croats £1 billion Euros with which to fight their part of the war and ethnically cleanse Serbs from the broken up Yugoslavia.

We therefore had a European war, ethnic cleansing and concentration camps and Milosevic the Serbian leader was handed over to the Hague War Crimes Tribunal for 1.6 million Euros and a promise of EU membership.

When he was about to call Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in his Hague Tribunal defense, Milosevic, who was a dangerous demagogue mysteriously found himself poisoned by a person or persons unknown.

3) The Chinese and the Americans are not, and never have been, impressed with the EU’s representatives and, in fact, their red carpet treatment is reserved for people like Chancellor Merkel of Germany and in the past for Lady Thatcher before her death.
So the part of the European dream relating to power and influence has turned out to be a mirage.
4) The EU through enlargement to include very poor countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia and parts of Eastern Europe like Hungary has created whole classes of economic migrant and as a result wage rates have been driven down and places like the UK have become grossly overpopulated in relation to available infrastructure and housing stock.

5) We are constantly told that 3 million UK citizens are working in Europe and that this is entirely down to EU membership.

This is nonsense because those UK citizens would, when we were members of EFTA like the much richer and cleverer Norwegians still be working in Europe because they must have had skills and competencies over and above those available at the time in the relevant indigenous populations.

Europe does not do “what it says on the tin” so for me the dream died when Europe’s leaders failed to deliver and tried to create a European superstate contrary to the lies and misinformation propounded by the now deceased UK Prime Minister, Edward Heath.