Opinion – Banks accused of being ‘fundamentally corrupt’ after they sold useless card insurance to two million customers  | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

English: The Guildhall, City of London

English: The Guildhall, City of London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: City of London logo based on City of ...

English: City of London logo based on City of London website logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A view of the City of London from the south.

A view of the City of London from the south. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The people that own the banks are more powerful than any Government, so any laws designed to control them will always be flouted by the banks or will be designed with loopholes which the public will not know about until it is too late.

As Dr Alf knows all too well, the incidence of banking scams since before the so-called banking collapse which “started in America and then spread across to Europe” is increasing whilst nothing concrete is ever done.

Those appointed to regulate the banks lack the intelligence, mental dexterity and cunning to out-think potential fraudsters and the authorities (with the exception of those in Iceland) have steadfastly refused to jail any bankers or sequester their assets.

In America some of the worst examples have been jailed but in the UK not one person in the Square Mile, the real capital of the UK and the hidden empire based on the Commonwealth has been brought to book.

This is not an accident and until these guilty people are exposed and rooted out nothing will ever change

John Gelmini

Opinion – NHS strike halted after Government caves in to union demands – Telegraph – John Gelmini

NHS Job Shop: "Working for Health" i...

NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Dr Alf knows, the election is now just 3.5 months away, and the Government could not realistically take on the Public sector trades unions at this time.

As Sun Tzu said, you choose the place and time to do battle, not the other way around. Also you “keep your plans as dark as night and then strike like a thunderbolt”.

In the position of the Government, I too would “cave in” at this juncture and allow the dinosaurs of Unite to salivate and revel in their victory.

If I then won the election, I would then prepare in secret, a blueprint for the replacement to the NHS, modeled along German and Singaporean lines. That model would have no place whatsoever for trades unionists of any kind and would be imposed on the medical profession without discussion or with any opportunity for them to derail it as has happened with all other reforms tried up to now.

“Parallel running” would see the recruitment of large numbers of foreign doctors to replace those who are already leaving for America and Australia and those who would otherwise make trouble here.

More “nurse practitioners” would replace GP consultations for simple ailments, trades-union organizing would be curtailed and troublemakers and malcontents sacked.

The present commissioning system would be abolished and unnecessary layers of management put to the sword.

The public would be placed on notice that they were personally responsible for looking after their own health and would be charged if their injuries or afflictions were self-inflicted through drunkenness, fighting, excessive cigarette smoking, the ingestion of harmful and illegal drugs and gross obesity.

Whether any UK political party has the “stones” to do this I somehow doubt because they lack conviction, commonsense and the ability to impart difficult truths.

The UK public likes to demand the truth but lacks the stomach to handle it well.

The future of the NHS looks confused and murky as a result.

John Gelmini