Greece ruptures 30 years of political consensus in Europe | The Japan Times

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, must-read, Reuters article, published in the Japan Times. Check it out!

via Greece ruptures 30 years of political consensus in Europe | The Japan Times.

The article takes a helicopter tour of European politics – rather than healthy democracy, we are increasingly seeing the emergence of the radical left and radical right. The central ground of European politics – so important to peace, stability and growth since WWII – has opened up with a gaping chasm. Ordinary people no longer have trust in the existing political classes.

A year from now, after numerous elections in Europe, we could be witnessing the beginning of the dismantling of the European Union. Everywhere citizens are wary of the European bureaucracy and in particular are hostile to austerity.

Once again, all eyes will be on Angela Merkel, the powerful Chancellor of Germany.

If we throw in terrorism, US withdrawal and increasing differences with Russia, then the risks for Europe are high. Add high risk to an already toxic cocktail of unemployment, negative growth and depression? You don’t need to be an expert – the outlook is seriously worrying.

But it’s still not too late for big bazooka policies…


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  1. Contrary to what the Japan Times says in this article provided by Dr Alf there has been no 30 year “consensus in Europe” for the Greeks or anyone else to break.

    The EU and the Euro are both mental constructs of the Bilderberg Group which meets in secret every year,decides whether we remain at peace or war,selects Prime Ministers in advance by creating the candidates that the great unwashed will vote for later and decides whether economies do well ,fall into recession or implode.

    They claim to be harmless and say that their meetings are private but Prime Ministers attend in their official capacity and the bill for the meetings is put onto the backs of taxpayers.

    Normally up to 150 people attend these meetings so any consensus is arrived at with the help of the steering committee which numbers a handful of people including Peter Theil the PayPal billionaire and the old guard including people like Ken Clarke MP who owned up to having this role in the House of Commons.

    Europe and its political class are disbelieved because not one promise made for the EU since its founding have come true and because politicians in Europe and the UK have lied continually and have failed to make people realise that without more work,more exports and more productivity living standards will fall.

    In short there never has been a “free lunch” and unless people get past the idea that there is they are deluding themselves.

    The EU originally was sold as a place where there would be free movement of goods,services and people not a United States of Europe which could forever rely on American military power for its protection.
    Threats to Europe are by and large self inflicted including the mealy mouthed approach to radical Islam,traitors within and sedition.

    For a long time Europe was fighting economic war with Japan but never woke up to the fact,now it is doing so with China and still our leaders remain oblivious.

    Russia remains a threat to Europe because the West insists on wanting to control Eurasia and is deliberately formenting trouble or allowing others to do so through colour revolutions,umbrella revolutions and allowing ISIS to continue to receive funding from despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who buy Western arms and invest in infrastructure like the Shard.

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