SPIEGEL Editorial on Need to Compromise with Tsipras and Greece – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, editorial article from Spiegel. It’s a recommended must-read. Check it out!

via SPIEGEL Editorial on Need to Compromise with Tsipras and Greece – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Personally, I tend to agree with the views expressed by Spiegel. It’s time for Germany to change – and for Greece to be reasonable…



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  1. As someone who believes in redemption and second chances I would like to believe that the Greeks are capable as Dr Alf suggests of “being reasonable”.

    History ,littered with example after example of broken promises,a failure to pay taxes an unwillingness to reform,low productivity,indolence and a failure to make ,sell or create anything that other people want suggests otherwise.

    The Greeks should therefore be removed from the EU and the Euro to solve their own problems and the rest of us should not interfere.

    Existing debts run up by the Greeks should be secured by sequestration of assets since they have proved to be recalcitrant debtors who cannot be trusted.

    Germany should then apply a “Big Bazooka” to the rest of Europe,particularly the remaining PIIGS but this needs to be a one off contingent upon those countries and the French undergoing economic reform.

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