Graph of the Week: European Economic Forecast – Winter 2015 – European Commission

This is an outstanding publication from the European Commission that shows graphically the major trends in Europe. There are also simple hyperlinks to projections for all EU countries.

Graph of the Week: European Economic Forecast – Winter 2015 – European Commission.

In these uncertain times, it’s important to have access  to the data.

Of course, we can still debate the assumptions for future years and the risks.

Personally, I believe that Europe needs two big thrusts:

  • Structural reform; and
  • Massive fiscal stimulation.

It is time for Europe to unite.


One response

  1. When the soothsayers making these forecasts review their performance? That would be a worthwhile activity. They perhaps they’d realize the futility of attempting to manage something about which they understand very little. The more they plan the more they mess things up. People should be encouraged to develop themselves, to produce something that will satisfy others wants and finally to save enough of their earnings, and invest them wisely, so that they can live on their savings when they get tired of producing. That understanding seems to be missing in economics everywhere these days.

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