Opinion – Did Andrew Lansley kill off NHS reform for good? – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Speaking at the NHS Confederation Annual confe...

Speaking at the NHS Confederation Annual conference and exhibition in Manchester on 8 July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Daily Telegraph article is unfair and deeply misleading.

In the first place, Andrew Lansley’s reforms did not “fail”.

What happened is that entrenched opposition from the Head of the NHS, the BMA, and the Health Service Union, Unite,preceded the implementation of the reforms, and David Cameron, faced with the prospect of taking these Neandertals on and backing Lansley, chickened out.

The BBC, the Guardian and the Independent, all opposed these reforms, so once Cameron had uttered the words “We must listen to the healthcare professionals”, the reforms and Lansley were doomed.

Now that reform is too late as Dr Alf says, the solution is scrapping the NHS, and replacing it with something along German, Singaporean and French lines, plus a radically new approach to preventative care, and the use/application of Rife frequency generators.

John Gelmini

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