Innovation in procurement: why and how | Governance for Development – The World Bank

This is an important article by the World Bank. It’s a good read. Check it out!

via Innovation in procurement: why and how | Governance for Development.

Whilst the article is targeted at the developing world, it is equally valid to the likes of the UK and Southern Europe. Poor purchasing practices often go hand in hand with cronyism and corruption. Critically, world class procurement saves money and provides an alternative austerity.

Sadly, much of the inefficiency in procurement in Europe results from EU bureaucracy. Voters should be asking:

Why are governments and the EU insisting on best-practice procurement, rather than promoting bureaucracy?


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  1. Dr Alf has made a trenchant analysis of the situation regarding EU and UK procurement practices ,neither of which are fit for purpose.

    In 2010 Sir Philip Green at the request of David Cameron looked at UK public sector procurement in the NHS,Central Government and local authorities.

    Sir Philip discovered 8 fold differences in pricing of identical items within the same departments and concluded that there was monumental wastage.

    The EU is probably just as bad although Italy with the involvement of the Mafia,the Commorra and the Union Course may set the bar the highest in terms of waste and possible malfeasance.

    Personally I would settle for less corruption and malfeasance and fit for purpose procurement as a first step.

    Best in breed practices can of course follow once these baby steps have been undertaken.

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