Opinion – Bloomberg: Pot legalization is stupid | TheHill – John Gelmini

English: A injection kit used in harm reductio...

English: A injection kit used in harm reduction programs and given to intravenous drug addicts. Svenska: Ett injiceringspaket som används i skadereduktionsprogram och som delas ut till intravenösa missbrukare. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bloomberg and Dr Alf are right.

Pot, even in its mildest 1960’s style “Flower Power” form, remains within a person’s system and the 1.25 million early stage dementia patients, mostly woman over 65 are part of that legacy.

The pot of today is much stronger and in the case of “Skunk” is up to 7 times stronger. Using it leads to other things.

The costs are in damaged present and future health and in the worst cases an explosion of burglaries committed by drug addicts and the unemployed who need to steal to feed their drug habits.

At the most costly, we have heroin addicts, who the UK Home Office say amount to just 250,000 people but in reality are far greater in number, who need to steal and “fence” £400 gbp ‘s worth of goods a day, 7 days a week just to feed their heroin habit.

In my local hospital, in the UK, the Lister, at Stevenage, these addicts masquerade as A&E patients, sneak into the hospital and steal drugs. To try and stop them, the Trust employs G4S security guards. My local doctor’s surgery, in Baldock, has been robbed of doctors’ computers by thieves who then sold the computers on the same basis and drug addicts go into prostitution to finance their habits if they are woman.

This happens all over the UKy on an industrial scale, particularly in more lawless areas than mine, such as sink estates in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, parts of South London, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow etc. Pot in the UK is either imported or grown in cannabis factories run by efficient Vietnamese gangs and others of similar ilk and the money they make is used to fund other activities of a criminal nature.
Criminals, even up to the level of organized crime do not own cargo ships or transport planes so as the UK is an island with very few major ports where lorries and large container ships are the norm one has to wonder how the huge quantities get here in the first place and the nature of the logistical trail leading to these ports.

We should consider dealing with the problem Singapore-style with capital punishment for convicted major drug dealers and shutting down the cannabis farms at a faster rate.

Current clear up and conviction rates by the UK police average just 25% nationally and 9% in the Metropolitan police area. This is not good enough and budget cuts are not an acceptable excuse. We need force mergers, full scale de-layering of tall hat police structures and accountability to find the money and under=performing Chief Constables need to be given the sack without payoffs other than their statutory notice. The same needs to apply in other countries and where there are drug cartels.

This needs to be done in conjunction with education on preventative health and conservative values of thrift, hard work, discipline and duty to one’s fellow person, the community and the country.

John Gelmini

Opinion – A Greek Morality Tale by Joseph E. Stiglitz – Project Syndicate – John Gelmini

The Troika have not helped Greece’s economic situation but neither have the Greeks themselves.

Dr Alf has brought us an interesting but incomplete analysis by Joseph Stiglitz which tells only part of the story.

In the past, I remember visits to that country in which buildings always remained in unfinished condition so that people and businesses could avoid paying any taxes on property; civil servants would retire on full pensions at age thirty-eight;  and then take up other jobs.

From what I see, very little has changed. The Greeks do not make things that people want to buy and have for years imagined that well-heeled German tourists and others would drink Greek ouzo, soak up culture and spend their money on a sufficiently large-scale. Relying on the sun and one or two industries is not a wise strategy. And the robber baron tendencies of five leading Greek families, who have plundered the country with impunity, have made matters worse.

It is time as Alan Greenspan, formerly of the Fed says, for contemplating the inevitability of a Greek exit from the Euro.

That will be painful for the Greeks but necessary so that they can solve their own problems.

John Gelmini