‘Politicians can’t be trusted to clean up HSBC’: Govt revenue chiefs grilled over tax evasion scandal — RT UK

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party c...

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It rather worries me that it takes the Russian media to highlight that UK politicians can’t be trusted to clean up HSBC.

via ‘Politicians can’t be trusted to clean up HSBC’: Govt revenue chiefs grilled over tax evasion scandal — RT UK.

I watched a parliamentary debate on this subject on TV yesterday. Let me share my observations. Firstly, the UK parliament was virtually empty, with the major parties each having just two front bench politicians – no big names. Secondly, the Labour Treasury Minister was incredibly boring – she was wordy & ineffective, just like Ed Milliband. Most importantly, the evidence is crystal clear and being quoted in the media across the World, so why isn’t David Cameron’s government being properly challenged?

Reflecting on the last four years, David Cameron’s government has been an omni-shambles, without strategy, like a butterfly flitting from issue to issue. But even more worrying, under ‘Red Ed’ Milliband, the government has not been held to account effectively. This is deeply disturbing as the country heads for an election.



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  1. I saw the same debate in the UK’s House of Commons on television as Dr Alf.

    The banks were never challenged on the debacle that those who control them caused in the financial crisis and the taxpayer was, and still is, being effectively fleeced.

    HMRC under the useless, Lin Homer, is only effective at collecting taxes from “little people”, such as fitness instructors, impoverished and benched interim managers, life coaches, fitness instructors, mobile hairdressers, taxi drivers and cash in hand builders.

    The rich and the powerful have always been free to do pretty much what they like regardless of who is in power.

    Taxes are too high in the UK, so that anyone with an ounce of sense bases themselves offshore and hides money or simply re-domiciles.

    Taxes are high on those who lead ordinary lives, not to make up the difference between what companies and the rich do not pay, but to enable projects to deliberately overrun time after time after time.
    This is despite Prince 2 being the operating standard with 6% to 8% project tolerances.

    Dr Alf calls this an omni-shambles, whereas I think it can only be deliberate theft of taxpayers money because it happens so often (on practically every project) and because we are consistently 17th in the world, when it comes to value per taxpayer pound.

    The House of Commons contains mostly useless, unnecessary and ineffectual people who typically have never run anything in their lives and are mostly journalists and lawyers. Many of them with the exception of my own MP Oliver Heald, who is a fine and honorable man, are chancers and expense fiddlers, who are still at it, despite being caught-out the first time. These are people who cannot control themselves and cannot hold each other to account, so to expect them to hold a Government to account is fantasy.

    The politicians will hold nobody to account because as Tony Bennett said “Actors have become politicians and politicians have all become actors and it is very difficult to tell the difference”.

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