David Cameron calls on obese to accept help or risk losing benefits | Politics | The Guardian

Seeing this headline, and reading this article in the Guardian, I wonder if David Cameron and his chums have been reading this blog for the last four years? This is a good article – it’s worth a read. Check it out!

via David Cameron calls on obese to accept help or risk losing benefits | Politics | The Guardian.

In case you are unfamiliar with this blog, let me remind you of our views. Like Cameron, I believe that it is time to call the obese to account or risk losing benefits. Surely, this is only fair, when the NHS is struggling with real health challenges, like cancer?

However, care is required to ensure the underlying reason for obesity. On the other hand, if it’s down to alcohol and a diet rich in junk-food, there’s  surely a case to cut benefits?




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  1. I agree with Dr Alf but the question will be how to define obesity.
    Will it be “morbidly obese” or anyone with a BMI index of 35 and above?
    What will happen if the obese person lacks mental capacity or is simply extremely stupid?
    People who work in benefit offices are not medically qualified and are not possessed of razor sharp Oxbridge educated minds so if matters are left to their discretion I can see the DWP being deluged with lawsuits and appeals.
    If benefits are denied and the benefit recipient has no money then we will have another cost in the form of shoplifting and crime.
    Currently the police arrest and bring to book just 25% of criminals based on reported crime,falling to 9% in the Metropolitan police area.
    In areas where there are no jobs and poor prospects for inward investment people will have to move.
    Since most jobs are in London and the South East this will mean higher housing costs at a time when we are 11.5 million houses too short of what is required..
    The solution will need to be systems building,hostels on the edges of industrial estates and shipping container conversion because the supply of social housing via private landlords will be non-existent especially if Ed Miliband gets in and brings in rent controls,landlord registration and 3 yeaer rental agreements.
    David Cameron is once again coming up with proposals without thinking them through.
    They are workable if you consider all these other issues in parallel but I see no evidence of any such thinking

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