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This is an outstanding, must-read article by Peter Oborne, the former political commentator at the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Why I have resigned from the Telegraph | openDemocracy.

Let me quote an overview:

The coverage of HSBC in Britain’s Daily Telegraph is a fraud on its readers. If major newspapers allow corporations to influence their content for fear of losing advertising revenue, democracy itself is in peril.

With the UK deeply divided and public services cut to danger level, including defense and healthcare, it is deeply worrying to read of a major newspaper where the owners dictate editorial policy, with whitewash.

Following Peter Oborne’s article, I’m debating whether to cancel my digital subscription to the Telegraph.


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  1. My take on this is that we are actually given very little real news by the mainstream media either via the newspapers or the BBC and other broadcast media.

    What actually happens is that reporters range far and wide across the UK and the globe and what they report goes into a giant news portal from which the Government, security services and newspaper proprietors give us about 1% of the facts.

    The rest of it is either “spiked” or turned into Ministerial and security services briefing papers which the public never see.

    Dr Alf should keep reading the Daily Telegraph but read as he does already, more publications and listen to You Tube and internet blogs so that he can better identify the pieces of the puzzle and thus make better sense of what is going on.

    With broadcast media it is important to read the body language of interviewers and those they interview ,their hand gestures and listen to the tone of voice of newscasters to see if it matches
    the seriousness of the events they are speaking about.

    With reporters some use waffle and speculation to disguise the fact that they are effectively saying nothing so we should always pose the question why they are doing that.

    Sometimes important news is sandwiched between 2 pieces of “fluff” so that the viewer/listener remembers the last thing that is said and at other times NLP style hypnotic language patterns are used to “frame” the material in a way which suits the presenter of the data rather than the unsuspecting reader or viewer.

    This and the use of shapes and sigils to condition the viewer are part of a vast array of psychological tools used to shape public opinion and belief.
    Peter Oborne’s departure will make little difference to the reporting on HSBC,the other banks and the controllers of the “Masters of the Universe”.

    They are the ones who set the agenda not the insignificant Oborne’s and Benedict Brogans of this world.

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