Half a million people have benefits suspended in welfare crackdown – Telegraph

This is a powerful article from the Telegraph. Of course, it very much depends upon your viewpoint and whether you are on benefit. It’s an important read. Check it out!

via Half a million people have benefits suspended in welfare crackdown – Telegraph.

Just like the example of Russia, it is questionable whether sanctions ever achieve their objective.

These sanctions on benefits recipients are designed to encourage people to find jobs. The system doesn’t respect education, skills or qualifications – it’s driven by statistics – it would be happy to see all the unemployed stacking shelves at their local supermarket.

The Labour MP, Frank Field correctly asks ‘what happens to the people who are denied benefits?’

If the Tories win the next election, will George Osborne reintroduce the ‘poor house?

Daily chart: The agony of Greece | The Economist

Take a look the agony of Greece in a series of economic charts from the Economist. It’s a compelling illustration. Check it out!

via Daily chart: The agony of Greece | The Economist.

The last chart highlighting births, net migration and deaths is the most sobering.

By any standard, Greece has been taking her austerity medicine. Yet now, unless a last minute deal can be reached with Germany and other creditor countries, Greece is destined to be forced from the Euro and possibly the EU. For sure a Grexit will bring a further deep deterioration for Greece before things start to improve.