African-Americans carry more student debt than whites – MarketWatch

This article cites latest research in in the US that African-Americans carry more student debts than whites. The short article is an important read. Check it out!

via African-Americans carry more student debt than whites – MarketWatch.

It seems that African-Americans still believe in the ‘American Dream‘.

Clearly African-American families are taking on higher levels of risk – this is in spite of there being lower growth in quality jobs because of the impact of technology and off-shoring.

Perhaps, young  African-Americans should be switching to studying Japanese and looking to increasing opportunities in Japan?


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  1. Much of American student debt is not collected and at least 50% of UK student debt is being paid for by the taxpayer.
    Thus these African American students are taking a smaller risk than Dr Alf might think.
    The elimination of jobs through technology will see 50% of American jobs reduced by 2033 based on comments made by Eric Schmidt of Google in June 2013 thus these African American students will need to be well qualified to compete in a smaller jobs market and be positioned to start their own enterprises.
    They will need language skills as well,including Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and some other relevant language by the time they graduate

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