A brief history of United States Courts v. Barack Obama – The Washington Post

English: Barack Obama

English: Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a powerful article by the Washington Post. It shows that Obama is prepared to play ‘hardball‘ for his pet causes. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via A brief history of United States Courts v. Barack Obama – The Washington Post.

What’s worrying is that with limited support in Congress and the Senate, Obama may risk exceeding his executive authority on other major pet causes as his time runs out.


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  1. President Obama has not been backward in coming forward when it comes to using the American courts to silence critics including many of those who have tried to have him impeached on the basis that his birth certificate is fake,that he was and is a citizen of Kenya and therefore not entitled under the USConstitution to be President at all.
    As Dr Alf knows the American courts have been used by President Obama to extend his pet causes and his power during the period which represents his “lame duck” status.
    This article from the Washington Post represents the latest episodes of his attempts to circumvent the power of his political adversaries who would otherwise thwart his current attempts to get his own way

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