Trends in the UK economy | Visual.ONS

There’s some great graphics here from ONS. It’s worth a view. Check it out!

via Trends in the UK economy | Visual.ONS.

Yes, the UK’s doing pretty well but there are two deeply worrying trends identified.



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  1. Dr Alf has brought us attractive graphics and a rosy story from the ONS.

    Yes at the moment the UK economy is doing reasonably well but even these generous figures do not give us the true picture as many of the jobs created are zero hours contracts,others are local authority people transferred from the public sector to the books of Capita,Serco,Vertex and Vangent.

    More jobs created are new companies registered at Companies House ,Cardiff but where the directors have no viable business and are not being paid.

    The 2 worrying trends are lack of exports and a growing trade gap which has actually existed since 1981 and abysmal productivity from UK workers.

    A third worrying trend is the slippage of the City of London which provides invisible exports from 1st place to second in the world in 2012 when New York overtook it and its projected fall to 4th after Hong Kong and Singapore overtake New York in 2016

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