Ed Miliband: Leaving EU not in Britain’s interest | EurActiv

Ed Miliband. („Ed's speech on how we need fund...

Ed Miliband. („Ed’s speech on how we need fundamental change in the Labour party to win again.“) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I agree with Ed Miliband – probably it’s the first and only time in my life but I think that he’s right on #Brexit. Check out this interesting article from EurActiv.

via Ed Miliband: Leaving EU not in Britain’s interest | EurActiv.

Most regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my politics. I’ve been deeply critical of Ed Miliband as the leader of the UK Labour Party.

But on Europe, ‘Red Ed’ is absolutely correct!


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  1. This is, of course, one of the areas where I know that we disagree. We should leave the EU despite the fact that there are sectors of our economy that would, without a doubt, suffer should we do so. I say that because there are two counter arguments that I think hold water.

    1. Nobody has been able to calculate how much damage would be done to the UK’s economy following Brexit – and that would depend on how Brexit is managed. We are as important to the economies of the rest of Europe as they are to ours and nobody would want to rock any trade – except as a revenge and that would be triggered only if we just walked away.

    2. Nobody has been able to calculate how much the UK economy would benefit without what many of my friends who run SME’s would describe as ‘the dead hand of the EU’.

    Meanwhile, the EU is now full of political tensions any of which could, at almost any moment and very quickly slip out of control and cause untold problems even (without wishing to be alarmist) military aggression. I do not want to see the UK embroiled in the possible violent collapse of the EU.

    Mind you, better still would be a renewed EU that returned to its fundamentals: a trading relationship in harmony with all the people of the member states and fleet of foot in order to avoid the worst of the problems that life will continue to throw at it – and to grab any opportunities that happen along the way. Do that and I would become as pro-EU as you are.

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