Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran – Jeffrey Goldburg- The Atlantic

This is an outstanding, must-read article from Jeffrey Goldberg, award-winning writer, published in the Atlantic. Check it out!

via Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran – The Atlantic.

I don’t want to color your opinions before reading the hard-hitting article but let me give you a taster:

In the coming weeks, President Obama must provide compelling answers to these questions.


America’s Top Killing Machine – The Atlantic

This is deeply disturbing news that gun deaths have overtaken automobile deaths in the US for this first time. This is a must-read article from the Atlantic, citing latest research. Check it out!

via America’s Top Killing Machine – The Atlantic.

I expect European and Chinese newspapers to start highlighting the risks of tourists visiting the US. After all, the streets of China are incredibly safe for visitors.

Let me ask an open question:

Is it time for the US to rethink its attitude to guns?