Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran – Jeffrey Goldburg- The Atlantic

This is an outstanding, must-read article from Jeffrey Goldberg, award-winning writer, published in the Atlantic. Check it out!

via Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran – The Atlantic.

I don’t want to color your opinions before reading the hard-hitting article but let me give you a taster:

In the coming weeks, President Obama must provide compelling answers to these questions.


One response

  1. This is more of the usual. Politicians make promises all the time that they can’t keep. That’s how they get votes, by appealing to the naive and the foolish who place their hope in Big Government. Remember Obama’s “you can keep your doctor” and the “you can keep your policy” and “costs are going to go down” promises? A bald faced liar simply seeking votes. And Netanhayu makes lots of promises he can’t keep, such as, “I’m going to stop their rockets” and “this is a Jewish state”. He hasn’t been able to pacify the Palestinians even with the most destructive, murderous weapons that exist. And he won’t be able to keep it a Jewish-only state. Such a thing is anachronistic and illogical not to mention immoral. While all of these nonsensical promises are made the colonists and their enablers continue not to understand how their brutal colonial efforts are angering the natives and causing them to violently resist occupation. The sense of injustice and oppression spreads the violence around the world.

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