Opinion – Poll: Public sees smaller threat in China economy | TheHill – John Gelmini

The American public are probably being  misinformed about the nature and size of threats by the mainstream media and the Obama administration.

Dr Alf has brought us similar articles before but under Obama the waters have definitely been muddied and risks have not been properly considered or assessed. Professional assessments from the US military are being subordinated. Meanwhile, Obama is backing his own judgement and maximizing on executive power, in his lame-duck remaining period in office.

The biggest long-term threat is probably militant Islam and the attempts by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait to create a global caliphate.

Russia will build a buffer around itself, with parts of the Ukraine, and in the end the West will do nothing because NATO has a treaty to defend its member states, and the Ukraine is not one of them. The UK has neither the forces nor the ability to impose its will alone, so it can do little more than huff and puff and America will not unilaterally go to war and Vladimir Putin knows it.

North Korea is a useful bogeyman but Iran is a real threat to oil supplies and still has serious strategic aspirations.

China is a threat to America’s pride and by holding American debt is in a strong position to resist American pressure.

John Gelmini

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