Opinion – Extra Sleep Linked With Stroke Risk – NYTimes.com – John Gelmini


Dr Alf has alighted on something which diabetes researchers have known for some time.

Sleep too much and you get fat and lethargic, with all the attendant risks of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and an early death.

Sleep for less than 6 or 7 hours consistently in a fully darkened room, the same will happen and you might also go mad because of the lack of dreams to rejuvenate the brain.

Those who lie in are either so rich, they can afford to be rampaging about in high-end nightclubs until 3.00AM, or are jobless benefit recipients who only need to get up to attend the dole office or watch yet another episode of Jeremy Kyle featuring various assorted forms of lowlife subjugating themselves on his program to scorn and righteous indignation for the amusement of those who are afflicted with what the Chinese call “ZingZailehuo”(Happy in calamity, joyous in disaster).

John Gelmini

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