British Airways flight to Dubai forced to return to Heathrow due to ‘smelly poo in toilet’ – Telegraph

Isn’t it time that a forward-looking UK government distanced itself from British Airways? This headline is hardly likely to woo Chinese investment!

via British Airways flight to Dubai forced to return to Heathrow due to ‘smelly poo in toilet’ – Telegraph.

As an airline, British Airways has been going downhill consistently for many years. Despite spending a fortune on marketing, the quality of the service is a national disgrace. The above headline in the Telegraph highlights the latest quality issue.

Part of the problem with British Airways is the heavily unionized staff, with their strict job descriptions and broken business processes. Can you imagine the British Airways crew on the Dubai flight arguing over the ‘smelly poo  in the toilet’?

Of course, another part of the problem is that cleaning at UK airports is largely sub-contracted, with nobody remotely interested in hygiene or customer perceptions. Apart from the cleanliness of planes there’s an issue with the standards in public toilets at UK airports.

Surely the British Airways ‘smelly loo’ syndrome is a function of an over-regulated industry?


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  1. Dr Alf is right, BA as it likes to call itself is going downhill and has never been “The World’s favourite airline”.

    It is symptomatic of a business which employs flight attendants who imagine that they are beautiful and a management that believes in its own rhetoric.

    I cannot understand from a practical point of view with chemical toilets why this problem could not have been dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

    The fact that it wasn’t is symptomatic of the British disease of failing to take decisive action whilst contemplating one’s navel for too long.

    The bigger issue of airport capacity and customer service similarly gets lost in redundant arguments while other countries build airports and ensure that their planes go from a to b without this sort of trouble which to be frank would not be acceptable from a 3rd world country let alone one like ours seeking investment and talking ourselves up.

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