Europeans defy US to join China-led development bank –

Xi Jinping 习近平

Xi Jinping 习近平 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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David Cameron has shown strong leadership skills in backing this initiative of China’s President, Xi Jinping, against the advice of Obama‘s administration. But, a week after the UK, other European countries have followed suit and Australia is reconsidering too.

This is an important move, and recognizes the decline of US hegemony, which has been accelerated by foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration.  Obama has been a weak president and US geopolitical interests have weakened under Obama.

Let me ask an open question:

Is Obama’s weakness as a leader more evident overseas than in the US?



Has Kerry gone mad? – Al Arabiya News

John Kerry

John Kerry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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via Has Kerry gone mad? – Al Arabiya News

Personally, I have come to the conclusion that Kerry and Obama are so desperate to leave their legacy, that they’re not focused on the detail. But we all know that the ‘devils in the detail’.

On a personal basis, when I have entered into a negotiation, it’s always been with negotiation limits, otherwise my risk profile calls for me to walk away. Kerry, by comparison, seems to change his fundamental value system as well as his negotiation limits.

For me, the danger signal is that Obama and Kerry won’t seek Congressional approval for their deal with Iran over nuclear expansions.