‘Compromised & gone’: Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemen — RT USA

This article by RT USA, the Russian news agency is deeply worrying. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via ‘Compromised & gone’: Pentagon lost $500mn of weapons, equipment in Yemen — RT USA.

OK, we’d expect RT to stir up a bit of dirt but there does seem to be underlying evidence.

How is this possible? Is it poor financial control or about flawed political judgement?

Surely, something has gone deeply wrong on President Obama’s watch?


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  1. I agree with Dr Alf that lots has gone wrong on President Obama’s watch but I do not believe that the Pentagon has simply “lost” $1/2 billion dollars worth of weapons in the Yemen.

    America has spy satellites which can “see” up to 16 feet underground and as far back as the 1980’s it could read the insignias on the epaulettes of Russian soldiers uniforms.

    Either these weapons have become deliberately “lost ” so that they could fall into the hands of whatever group America happens to be favouring or they have been stolen and then sold in order to enrich a person or persons unknown.

    Just after the banking crisis we were told by Cynthia McKinney in a tense exchange with the then Secretary of Defense ,Donald Rumsfeld that the Pentagon budget for that year was missing $2.9 trillion USD and that a smaller amount ($1.9 trillion USD) had gone missing the previous year.

    Rumsfeld can be seen on YOU TUBE squirming under the intense questioning but answer there came none.
    To this day the money has never been accounted for and even if you assumed that half the money had been allocated to “Black Programmes” (the Pentagon has at least 10 in the public domain that cannot be dismissed as conspiracy theory),where one wonders is the rest of the money?

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