Opinion – Has Kerry gone mad? – Al Arabiya News – John Gelmini

John Kerry has not gone mad but in this article from Al Arabiya News brought to us courtesy of Dr Alf, Kerry is contradicting himself.

To begin with, we were told that Assad would have to go and to that end American, British and French special forces have been training various Syrian rebel factions for more than 3 years.

Then as Assad, with help from Russia managed to stay in power, Kerry and Obama became ambivalent even though the PNAC plan all along (as stated on their website) was to: “take down ” Syria, then Iran and then destabilize and break up Russia and eventually China.

ISIS arose because Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar gave it funding and planned to use it to further their own agenda of a global caliphate.

Turkey under Erdogan also wanted to topple Assad and rebuild the Ottoman Empire, using ISIS as a pawn and ISIS themselves wanted the bigger prize of a global caliphate to include the large area of China where the Uighurs live.

The UK and America both subscribe to the PNAC plan and make a great deal of money from the financial backers of ISIS, so they cannot speak publicly against ISIS’s backers, as General Dannat and several American Generals have done but at the same time they seem happy to let ISIS rampage about as long as the Kurds do the fighting helped by Iran.

Taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities at Natanz as Netanyahu wants would be treated as an act of war by Russia, so Kerry and Obama are in a cleft stick and reason that they can do a deal with Iran who in turn will provide the “boots on the ground ” to fight ISIS, rather than committing American troops.

Congress is more hawkish and wants Natanz taken out, and can invoke the “War Powers Act” to block the Obama/Kerry deal, which probably won’t happen anyway because the Ayatollah’s in Iran know that Obama and Kerry are out of their depth, lame-ducks, trying to achieve irreconcilable policy objectives.

John Gelmini

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