Think Tank Review – Issue 21/2015

Think Tank Review – Issue 21/2015

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Welcome to issue 21 of the Think Tank Review compiled by the EU Council Library. It references papers published in January 2015. As usual, we provide the link to the full text and a short abstract.

This month’s Review marks two years since we started this project. The TTR began as a quick tour through the websites of a handful of think tanks in EU affairs, in order to provide Council staff with a product more structured than the occasional, and often over-looked, e-mail alert from the library. It gained ground by word of mouth, encouraging us to enlarge the range of think tanks we monitor, finding valuable sources outside Brussels and networking with fellow information specialists in EU institutions and elsewhere.

To celebrate the anniversary, we look back to our virtual shelves: the Special Focus this month puts side-by-side recent publications and papers on the same subjects from early…

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