Opinion – The whys and hows of a single market for Europe | Alessio Terzi, Mario Mariniello and André Sapir at Bruegel.org – John Gelmini

The legislative triangle of the European Union

The legislative triangle of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The single market is as Dr Alf says, theoretical and in the past 30 years it has not produced a single net new job  – certainly not more the UK. Now , of course, as a result of prolonged and deep-rooted austerity, the EU has been responsible for axing millions of jobs.

We were originally told by proponents of the Single Market, like Ted Heath, that the Single Market would create millions of new jobs and permit the unfettered movement of goods services and people. What it has done is allowed 3 million Britons with language skills, who would have got those jobs anyway, to work at jobs on the European mainland. Other than that it has cost the UK £12 billion gbp a yeaer and saddled us with unnecessary green taxes to solve non existent problems.

This has made us uncompetitive and the freedom of movement has permitted large numbers of Eastern European migrants to come here to do jobs which the indigenous population is unwilling or too lazy to do.

This in turn has made our housing shortage worse and put intolerable pressure on inefficient services.

John Gelmini

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