​Provocateur: Cameron ridicules France economy in jab at UK opposition — RT UK

This is a very provocative article from Russia’s leading news agency, RT. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via ​Provocateur: Cameron ridicules France economy in jab at UK opposition — RT UK.

For centuries, there have been rivalries between France and the UK. Many believe that France is trapped in her glorious past, with protected industries, a bloated public sector and sky-high taxes. Meanwhile, France still retains a formidable military capability and the US is now favoring France as a military  ally in preference to the UK.

France completely rejects the Anglo-Saxon model that the UK favors under David Cameron, with savage austerity and small government. France wants greater taxes for the UK’s banks, yet she protected French banks from taking Greek write-downs, prolonging the Eurozone’s crisis.

For the moment, the UK is growing strongly, compared to France. But the UK is expected to go into shock treatment after the election, with many critical risks to be addressed. Meanwhile, France has a wider industry base than the UK and still seems to be able to lead European policy. The UK still urgently needs a strategy for key industries.

So was Cameron wrong to ridicule the French economy?


Opinion – Brussels will breathe a sigh of relief when I’m gone, says Cameron | EurActiv – John Gelmini

This article from Dr Alf encapsulates an excellent piece of political theater.

Both Ed Miliband and David Cameron are Bilderbergers and members of the Committee of 300. So are George Osborne, Ed Balls, Nick Clegg, Kenneth Clarke, Tony Blair and a number of people who are supposedly politically opposed to each other. Also within these groupings are Matthew Festing, Head of the Knights of Malta, the Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles. These organisations operating under the direction of their steering committees are committed to the idea of 10 unions and the eventual amalgamation of those unions into a single Government for all the world.

For those who like evidence like Dr Alf, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, George Bush Senior, the former Polish Pope, Henry Kissinger and a number of others also in these 2 groupings have all said as much and can be heard saying it on You Tube.

David Cameron has a record of breaking promises so if he wins the UK General Election as Paddy Power the bookmakers think he will, he will find a way of finessing the Referendum.

If Miliband wins, there will be no referendum, and if he wins with the help of Alex Salmond and la Sturgeon, the UK will break up and will have to reapply in its individual components for EU membership.

Should the Euro or the Dollar fail, a Plan B is ready in the form of a new currency, the Amero which is ready for distribution and has been since 2005 when Medvedev of Russia can be seen on You Tube holding up an Amero coin minted in gold.

John Gelmini