​Provocateur: Cameron ridicules France economy in jab at UK opposition — RT UK

This is a very provocative article from Russia’s leading news agency, RT. It’s well worth a read. Check it out!

via ​Provocateur: Cameron ridicules France economy in jab at UK opposition — RT UK.

For centuries, there have been rivalries between France and the UK. Many believe that France is trapped in her glorious past, with protected industries, a bloated public sector and sky-high taxes. Meanwhile, France still retains a formidable military capability and the US is now favoring France as a military  ally in preference to the UK.

France completely rejects the Anglo-Saxon model that the UK favors under David Cameron, with savage austerity and small government. France wants greater taxes for the UK’s banks, yet she protected French banks from taking Greek write-downs, prolonging the Eurozone’s crisis.

For the moment, the UK is growing strongly, compared to France. But the UK is expected to go into shock treatment after the election, with many critical risks to be addressed. Meanwhile, France has a wider industry base than the UK and still seems to be able to lead European policy. The UK still urgently needs a strategy for key industries.

So was Cameron wrong to ridicule the French economy?


One response

  1. Dr Alf’s question is really about David Cameron’s electioneering knockabout because whilst the French economy is lacklustre and in need of reform the UK has long term structural problems and a public sector it cannot afford.
    Rather than comparing the UK to countries in Europe,David Cameron should look at Singapore,and countries which have successful economies and healthcare systems which we should be emulating

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