Opinion – David Cameron: My plan to win back disgruntled Tories – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Dr Alf has summed up the position vis a vis David Cameron very well.

To begin with, I have known for more than two years now that Cameron has been promised a bigger job with the UN, and now he sees himself as some sort of caretaker, keeping the seat warm for his friends.

Mentally the man has moved on, a phenomenon I am very familiar with through management consultancy and transformation work and as a former line director in sales and marketing.

Gay marriage, indifference to our need for UK defense, rather than contribution to a European Army, indifference to concerns over the Barnett Formula and our approach to truculent Scots and blatant disregard to our concerns over foreign aid, social work style policing are all things which exercise the minds of true Conservatives.

David Cameron has carried his indifference too far and lacks the energetic street-fighting qualities needed to aggressively dismantle the narratives of the left ,the Greens and apologists for radicalized Islam, where a much sterner approach is needed.

To my mind, he is like a boxer paid to “throw the fight” and with 40 days to “win us over” he is not going to succeed.

My vote for my MP the true blue, Sir Oliver Heald has been based on the fact that he is honorable, did not fiddle his expenses and is hard working, efficient and effective.

David Cameron is vacuous, ineffective, opens his mouth before engaging his brain and needs to be replaced by someone else, ideally Boris Johnson.

John Gelmini

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