Postwar education at a vexing crossroads | The Japan Times

This insightful and top-trending article in the Japan Times looks at education in Japan since WWII, and the emerging reforms. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Postwar education at a vexing crossroads | The Japan Times.

It’s interesting to contrast education achievements, with say their equivalent in the US or the UK? In Anglo-Saxon countries, there are still often problems with basic literacy and numeracy. Everywhere in the World, there’s a polarization towards the educated and the non-educated – without a university degree, it’s increasingly hard to get a good job. But in the West, there’s an enormous difference between private and public education – the highest standards are normally in private education but this is typically restricted to the privileged children of wealthy parents.

Looking at publicly funded education, I have always regarded the heavily unionized teaching profession in the West, with suspicion. If you throw in the meddling of politicians and the bungling of bureaucrats, that’s surely a recipe for disaster?

Perhaps, Anglo Saxon countries can achieve more effective national education policies by bench-marking against Japan and Korea?



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