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English: Dominant learning style of target aud...

English: Dominant learning style of target audience (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had some doubts about education and learning, either for yourself, a child or perhaps a grandchild? Well this outstanding article takes a look at research evidence to support informal learning.

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Many times, I have heard people introduce themselves as educated ‘in the university of life’ or the ‘school of hard knocks’.

Perhaps, the challenge is for people with informal learning to have a facilitator or coach to help them distill the lessons?


Immigrants and institutions « Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the UK approaches the general election next month, immigration will be a key issue for many. So it is timely for the leading UK think-tank, the Adam Smith Institute to take a hard look at the underlying economic evidence on immigration. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

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Whilst the economic evidence is probably clear, the social and cultural factors are more problematic. This is especially true for densely populated countries like the UK.

Of course, of all the UK political parties, it’s probably UKIP that has the strongest views on immigration. It remains to be seen how highly voters will consider immigration.