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As the UK approaches the general election next month, immigration will be a key issue for many. So it is timely for the leading UK think-tank, the Adam Smith Institute to take a hard look at the underlying economic evidence on immigration. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Immigrants and institutions « Adam Smith Institute.

Whilst the economic evidence is probably clear, the social and cultural factors are more problematic. This is especially true for densely populated countries like the UK.

Of course, of all the UK political parties, it’s probably UKIP that has the strongest views on immigration. It remains to be seen how highly voters will consider immigration.



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  1. Dr Alf poses imponderable questions which have no answer while the UK stays in the UK or fails to confront laziness and poor productivity.
    The British public have not come to terms with their own lack of productivity which is 20th in the world and has fallen 20% since the Olympics and the Jubilee to 32% in the public sector and 48% in the corporate sector.
    Nor have they come to terms with the fact that this lack of productivity plus laziness and an unwillingness to undertake certain jobs has plagued this country since 1885.
    Immigration has been the natural consequence of the failure of successive governments and employers to confront lack of productivity ,laziness and an attitude of entitlement afflicts 80% of UK workers,students and the unemployed.
    The truth is that many British workers ,students and the unemployed are as a result of educational failures and lack of numeracy,literacy and communication skills,unemployable.
    Indeed with their lack of language skills,personal discipline and unwillingness to contemplate certain occupations they are for all intents and purposes economically useless.
    As long as we remain in the EU most jobs will go to better motivated and educated foreigners and if we leave the EU then the productivity issue will have to be addressed.
    My solution,assuming we left the EU would be to read the public the riot act and if there was still no positive response I would cut annual holiday entitlements to 4 weeks including bank holidays.
    National Service would be reintroduced and language skills training,NLP and sales skills made compulsory with people encouraged to set up their own businesses here or “swarm out abroad”.
    Educated ,wealthy foreigners would be encouraged to come here but menial jobs would increasingly be done by robots whilst Adult Social Care would be dealt with by robots or by offshoring much healthcare and Adult Social Care to India.
    This then leaves the workshy and those lacking in skills—our modern “lumpen non proletariat”.
    They would have to be engaged in Workfare filling in for the jobs unsuitable for robots and they would be housed in converted shipping containers on brownfield sites and in houses system built by 3d PRINTING also on brownfield sites or underground with sunlight beamed in by Japanese style sunpipes.
    Those capable of functioning in a military environment would be assigned to the armed forces or to suitable mercenary forces like Armor Group or even the former Blackwater on licence to the Pentagon.

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