A Hard Look at Lufthansa after the Germanwings disaster

English: Lufthansa aircraft and one Air Canada...

English: Lufthansa aircraft and one Air Canada aircraft at Munich Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many of us, Lufhansa defending its safety record after the GermanWings disaster is not enough. Saying ‘sorry’ is won’t help the families of the Germanwings disaster?

It looks like the co-pilot of the  Germanwings plane deliberately crashed the plane into the mountain,  so surely Lufthansa as the parent company is fully accountable?

These days Lufthansa is a brand, rather than the national airline of Germany.

Last Summer, I booked flights to Canada via Lufthansa, yet not one of the six legs was on a Lufthansa plane – the nearest was Air Austria. Partnership deals make  mockery of brand loyalty.

Clearly, GermanWings is not the same as Lufthansa proper – the latter would probably get the most experienced pilots for example?

Also not long before the crash, Lufthansa was in the headlines for its strikes. Is there a safety issue with striking airlines?

Surely, it’s time to stop stretching brands like Lufthansa? Also isn’t it proper for Lufthansa to face claims for unlimited damages from the dead passengers families?


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