Opinion – Are low-cost airlines safe? – Global Times

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This is an outstanding article from China’s leading newspaper, Global Times. It’s a must read. Check it out!

via Are low-cost airlines safe? – Global Times.

What I particularly liked about this article was the high quality graphical data that was easy to assimilate.

My own view is that the days of the full-service airlines are numbered – as they try to cut costs, like at Lufthansa, then safety will be at risk – all of this is set against dated and ineffective regulation of the air-travel industry.

Simply, budget airlines are the strategically sustainable business model for the future – whereas full-service carriers are doomed, chained by inflexible unions –  the prevailing weakness is airline regulation which is too inclined to protect powerful vested interests, viz. the status quo and not champion consumer interests.


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  1. This is an interesting article from Dr Alf and I tend to agree with him about the future of airline travel.

    There will be budget airlines for most people, private jets and Sikorsky helicopters for the wealthy, royalty and plutocrats, plus slightly more upmarket air travel for business travelers above a certain salary band.

    The rest along with over-hyped over heavily unionized airlines, like BA, will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    As a person who understands risk, I am unworried about air travel which is one of the safest ways to move about and much more worried about death at the hands of family doctors and NHS hospitals. Train journeys do not worry me unduly, as the old problems of drunken train drivers operating in a stupified condition are now mitigated.

    More worrying is the increase in car drivers, coupled with a failure to make the test harder and eliminate the mentally challenged. Certainly, I have noticed more inconsiderate driving over recent years, which I believe inevitably stems from a drop in the intelligence level of drivers and an increase in the number of drug fueled young people, and slow reacting pensioners who are accidents waiting to happen.

    An IQ test, a stiffer driving test and improved public transport is the key to greater road safety and better bench-marking against best in breed healthcare systems are what is needed to stop/reduce NHS blunders.

    With anyone piloting a plane, driving a train, bus, coach or lorry, their needs to be a program of regular psychological and medical examination by independent medical practitioners but in the end the timing of our demise and the manner of our going is not in our hands.

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