Opinion – Learning foreign languages triggers brain growth – English pravda.ru – John Gelmini

Dr Alf may find that Bacopa Monniere,  a plant consumed by Sansrit Gurus for thousands of years helpful to the memorisation process and to learning.

It can be obtained from Amazon and Holland and Barratt in capsule form.

GH3 Advance developed as an aid to age retardation and taken by the super rich is serum style form in Swiss Clinics can also be helpful.

Originally developed by Romanian Doctor Ana Aslan in 1944 it has been used by world leaders and film stars and was first produced in commercial quantities by Lichta Pharma of Germany.

It is available from Prime Health in the Channel Islands for about £22 gbp per month, from Amazon and in Harrods department store.

Before ingesting these substances one should consult a doctor but in my own case I have experienced only beneficial effects, particularly at critical moments when one needs a burst of energy or the brain feels tired from overindulgence of tasty and self indulgent food.

Learning a language is as the article suggests brain enhancing in that the very process of learning exercises the brain which like a muscle needs to be tested on a “use it or lose it basis”.

John Gelmini

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