Economy most important problem for Turks: Poll – Hurriyet Daily News

English: Haydarpaşa train station in Istanbul,...

English: Haydarpaşa train station in Istanbul, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article is Turkey’s leading newspaper cites the results of a recent survey. It’s an important read.

via Economy most important problem for Turks: Poll – LOCAL.

With a government more concerned with short-term wins in foreign policy, there’s an increasing risk that Turkey’s government does not have a cohesive economic strategy.

The more that the Turkish government turns away from traditional allies in the West, the faster will multi-nationals factor in ‘political risk‘ for decisions related to Turkey. Deprived of important foreign investment, jobs will quickly disappear in Turkey and the rapidly growing young population will probably spill on to the streets in protest.


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  1. Dr Alf is right,President Erdogan is intent on rebuilding the lost Ottoman Empire and engaging in Armenian Holocaust denial in the face of historical facts(3 million Armenians some as young as 4 were put to death on a march which took defenseless people into a desert).

    His government also allows ISIS fighters to be treated by Turkish doctors and nurses in Turkish hospitals and even funnels money to ISIS via Saudi Arabia,Qatar,Kuwait and Jordan.

    Instead of looking after the economic well-being of his own people he struts about on the world stage,ignoring his allies who provide many expatriate Turks with employment and goes at loggerheads with the Pope ,who like many of us examines history including the role of the despotic Ottoman Empire.

    Turkey has in excess of 200 million people and has pretensions to be an EU member.

    Thankfully they have remained excluded but for the foreseeable future President Erdogan should be made to recite the old Bill Clinton refrain, “It is the economy stupid” and focus almost exclusively on that during all his working hours during the balance of his time in office.

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