Some prisons in Japan becoming ‘like nursing homes’ amid surge in elderly offenders | The Japan Times

English: An osteoporotic elderly women in Japan.

English: An osteoporotic elderly women in Japan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Elderly man at Shimonose Park Sasebo ...

English: Elderly man at Shimonose Park Sasebo Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an insightful article from the Japan Times. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Some prisons in Japan becoming ‘like nursing homes’ amid surge in elderly offenders | The Japan Times.

Compared to many Western countries, Japan has two major differences. Firstly, her population is older. Secondly, she has far fewer people in prison because crime is very low.

Let’s switch to a country, like the UK, ahead of the national election. In the UK by comparison, crime is greater, and there’s a time bomb of an aging population without adequate financial means. Also throw-in poor health of the elderly in the UK and deteriorating national healthcare.

So what can the UK learn from Japan’s experience?

Well, I suggest that the next government takes a strategic look at the UK’s aging population. Perhaps, there’s a need for a comprehensive demographic review because the birthrates of immigrants typically is greater than the indigenous population.


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  1. if the standards of societal rehabilitative care and living standards are high in japan’s prisons, i do not see why the elderly do not want to be in there. compared with being a beggar or vagrant in the cold streets, “nursing home” prisons are definitely better!

  2. Dr Alf raises an interesting point about ageing and demographics.

    Japan, as the article in the Japan Times suggests, does have more old people both in prison and outside of it.

    The Japanese crime rate is low because they have the most technologically efficient police force in the world and somehow manage to get 97% of the people they arrest to confess to their offences. Whether this is due to loss of face by the miscreant/accused or whether it is due to interrogation techniques involving arresting someone in the dead of night whilst they are asleep and then interviewing them in a room equipped with a large bath filled with cold water and floating ice cubes and then immersing the suspect in the water to jog their memory is a question that could perhaps be explored.

    Compared with the UK, where our inefficient police forces manage an arrest and conviction rate of 25% on reported offences dropping to 9% for the Metropolitan Police area perhaps the Japanese have something to teach us.

    The UK’s situation re demographics and population is unique.

    We have 35 million too many people, most of whom are old, suffer from impaired morbidity and are economically useless in that they consume far more resources than they produce or produced during their taxpaying years. We know this from the 1953 study which Harold MacMillan commissioned in which he got the Government’s scientists and actuaries to determine the optimum population for the country.
    The figure they came up with was 25 million people with 35 million being the absolute upper limit given the physical and financial resources available in the country. At the end of World War 2 the population was 40 million and it is now officially 64.5 million according to the ONS. MacMillan was sufficiently worried about this problem to come up with the “Assisted Migration Programme” which was designed to sell off surplus population to Australia and Canada which were large countries which needed people. Under this program each man, woman and child taken in by Australia and Canada represented a secret “bounty” of £2695 gbp to those Governments. The public face of the program was the £10 gbp that each migrant received from the host Government.

    Since then UK worker productivity has continued to be poor and many jobs have simply not been done by the indigenous population because they are too lazy and squeamish to undertake them. Successive UK Governments have failed to confront this malaise although to her credit Margaret Thatcher tried and as a result the civil service and those in the elite who control them simply allowed immigration to rise.

    Already the primary language of Boston Lincolnshire is Polish, Wisbech (Lithuanian) and Leicester, Bradford, parts of Birmingham, Bury Park in Luton, and parts of Peterborough are dominated by non indigenous peoples.

    The average Englishman has 1.3 children if he marries at all and is incapable of buying a house until he is 39, whereas a Muslim will marry at 22 and buy a house with help from his family and the local mosque and then have 4 children.

    In addition, illegal immigration is running at 250,000 a year with 7 million here already as evidenced by food sales,school registrations of undocumented pupils in mid term(Peterborough City Council had to reopen 2 closed schools in the middle of one year) and the number of notes and coins in circulation.

    With these sorts of numbers one can see that if nothing is done the average Englishman, Welshman or Scotsman will be in a minority within their own country assuming the Union holds good within 30 years.

    The Japanese have not made this mistake and have invested heavily in robots to undertake menial tasks whilst up-skilling their people.

    We, in the UK, need to freeze further immigration other than for those with exceptional skills or substantial wealth to invest, invest in robots, develop the skills of the young and start exporting to markets outside of the EU in what is now the Commonwealth and the Puma countries.

    We can copy the Chinese with our own “swarm out” program and old Adult Social Care recipients without relatives need to be looked after by care-robots or perhaps shipped off to India where they can be cared for at a fraction of the cost in the UK.

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