White House urges Greece to reach agreement on bailout terms with the EU | News | DW

Germany‘s leading news agency, DW, focuses upon the White House reminding Greece that time is running out to reach an economic deal.

via White House urges Greece to reach agreement on bailout terms with the EU | News | DW.DE | 17.04.2015.

It’s significant that the US government has supported Germany and the EU, in reminding Greece that Greece must reform for her own good.

Sadly, Greece’s left-wing government seem to be too frightened to go back to the Greek people and seek a new political mandate.

It looks increasingly likely that Greece will start defaulting as the cash runs out.

Any thoughts on what next?

One response

  1. Dr Alf asks what next.

    Sadly, it is going to be crunch-time and a “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth”.

    This time the “Parochial Beadle”, in the form of Angela Merkel plus Christine Lagarde from the IMF are going to have to tell “Oliver Twist”(Greece) no more.

    Despite the exhortations of the Americans, the Greeks will be thrown out of the Eurozone and out of the Euro and will have to return to the Drachma.

    The rest of us will have to ring-fence ourselves against the resultant financial contagion and turmoil and let this benighted country and its perverse and duplicitous leaders solve their own problems.

    Indeed good could come out of it because we can from this crisis develop a model for dealing with corrupt African leaders who steal our aid money(ie give them nothing and sequestrate assets here to pay for earlier stolen aid) and perhaps with the Scots & the Welsh who persist with unreasonable demands.

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