Opinion – The SIX different types of obese person from glowing girls to heavy-drinking males | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Obesity in all its manifestations is directly linked to worker productivity and has multiple causes the main one of which is excessive eating and drinking of the wrong things coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.

It should, as Dr Alf suggests, become a top priority with the tax system, and heavy pressure applied to the obese,food and drink manufacturers and the makers of plastics to change their ways.

The NHS needs, in its unreformed state, to do the same, and local authorities, in charge of Adult Social care, need to do the same.

As it is, the only thing that is happening is a steady 5% growth in the number of mobility scooters sold to people so bloated and enormous that they cannot walk.

Ex-military personnel and people injured in road accidents should get mobility scooters but the rest need to be encouraged to exercise, eat sensibly and stop drinking on an empty stomach.

John Gelmini

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