How to save the NHS – by the people who work for it | Society | The Guardian

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As a trained researcher, I take serious exception at this biased article from the Guardian. It’s an interesting read. Check it out!

via How to save the NHS – by the people who work for it | Society | The Guardian.

The Guardian article is full of bias. If you read it carefully you will see a series of political sensitive statements, and highly edited extracts from interviews.

This is neither objective nor subjective research. Ahead of the election, there are a series of unsubstantiated generalizations by the Guardian. Most importantly, the article fails to look at the alternative policies open to the political parties.

What ever happened to evidence-based reporting at the Guardian?


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  1. As Dr Alf knows the NHS has been run “by the people who work for it” for more than 65 years and has got progressively worse.

    There never was a golden age but now we have the worst cancer treatment outcomes in Western Europe,120,000 people killed through botched operations,the worst cancer treatment outcomes in Western Europe,the fattest woman in Western Europe,a dementia crisis,a £30 billion gbp black hole in NHS finances,70,000 deaths each year at the hands of GP’s making mistakes,40% of the population suffering from depression.

    Every interim role I see within the NHS specifies that NHS experience is “essential” yet nothing improves.

    So the idea that those who work within it have the solution really is nonsense because their solution is always more money even when it is obvious to even a 6 year old that many of people’s health problems are partially or completely due to the British public not looking after themselves (obesity, depression, dementia, heart disease) being examples of overeating, drinking on an empty stomach, avoidable environmental and social factors and lack of exercise,lack of proper diet,eating at the wrong time and too much sugar and salt).

    Guardian Media Services Group is one of the UK’s top tax-avoiders and does not make money so before their apparachiks start advising on matters they know nothing about they need to put their own house in order.

    As for Dr Alf’s “evidence based research”, they need to bring him back to the UK from his Cypriot lair or talk to him on Skype, he could tell them where to look for it, whereas I would tell them “the truth is out there” before applying “the smell of napalm in the morning” test to the NHS an institution which has been beyond reform for decades.

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