Opinion – Labour pledge of NHS pay rise provokes scorn – Telegraph

This is a must-read article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Labour pledge of NHS pay rise provokes scorn – Telegraph.

Since the 2008 financial crash, in which the Labour cupboard was bare, the Labour Party has said that they can manage the economy responsibly.

The reason that the cupboard was bare last time was that George Brown had squandered billions of pounds with inflationary pay rises to the Public Sector, especially the National Health Service.

Well, it looks like Labour want to give more inflationary billions to the NHS if they are elected. Add Labour’s billions to the shopping list of the SNP, and I predict a UK meltdown.

Let me ask an open question:

Could Labour plus SNP in power in the UK, signal the start of a massive financial crisis, like in Greece?


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  1. The answer to Dr Alf’s question is yes.

    I remember Margaret Thatcher coming into office in 1979 only to discover that Callaghan had left the UK with a financial black hole.

    We had to borrow money from the IMF and then thanks to Mrs Thatcher we were bailed out by the Sultan of Brunai to whom she said Britain owed a lifetime debt of gratitude.

    People have short memories but should look at the history of Labour Governments–Every one of them has bankrupted the nation and inculcated “the world owes me a living attitude”.

    This manifests itself in a desire to harken back to a byegone age where products of indifferent quality could be foisted on a world and Trades Union bosses roamed about like beer drinking mastodons and encouraging workers to do as little as possible whilst evading quality requirements of the kind we now take for granted.

    We lost shipbuilding and most of our export manufacturing capability due to the actions of left wing Labour Ministers and Trades Union barons who supported the sort of nonsense that Miliband propounds today.

    We should be very worried indeed because history will repeat itself and those with short memories will pay.

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