SNP’s fiscal autonomy would leave £9bn gap in Scotland’s finances, says IFS | Politics | The Guardian

Respected think-tank, IFS questions SNP‘s finances, reported in this must-read article in the Guardian. Check it out!

via SNP’s fiscal autonomy would leave £9bn gap in Scotland’s finances, says IFS | Politics | The Guardian.

As part of a coalition government with Labour, the SNP would expect English voters to find the missing billions – this is on top of the Barnett formula that favors Scotland. Perhaps, you don’t think this is fair?

Tough, it looks like voting Labour will be a real vote for the SNP.

If you don’t think Labour will win an outright majority, surely you shouldn’t vote Labour, otherwise you are helping the SNP?


Opinion – ‘That ain’t going to happened’ – ‘I don’t do that’ – Ed Miliband the UK’s next Prime Minister? – John Gelmini

I can tell Dr Alf this, the Chinese and the Russians are not going to be quaking in their boots at the prospect of Miliband negotiating with them and they are going to be even less impressed with him if he starts lecturing them on human rights and his other pet causes.

This is assuming he gets into power, with a working majority of his own.

He is a man of “principle without the money or the wherewithal” to make what he says come true, a bit like a Californian who has just read the book “The Secret” by Rhoda Byrne, who imagines that without work, effort or planning of any kind that their personal situation will be transformed by wishing from rental penury to living in a Hollywood film star’s mansion overnight.

In the world of Milibanbism, debt is magicked away by an explosion of rhetoric, hard-headed business experience and knowledge of life is suddenly acquired by lecturing at Harvard University and drinking with champagne socialists, a housing shortage will be alleviated by a Mansion tax and demonizing buy to let landlords.

Council leaders and their apparatchiks will also be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of new “tax raising powers” which they will use to line their pockets and harass the substance out of small businesses.

At least with a Cameron or a Boris you know you are dealing with toffs who understand money and in the case of Boris know how to negotiate and get others (inward investors),to part with it.

With this man Miliband you get waffle and spin and the knowledge that he knows very little about anything including how not to shaft your own brother for political gain.

People need to be very afraid because if your own brother can be sacrificed so can practically anyone else.

John Gelmini