Same-sex marriage in US: Equality through the courts? | Americas | DW.DE | 27.04.2015

Civil same-sex marriage ceremony being perform...

Civil same-sex marriage ceremony being performed in San Francisco City Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article from DW, the leading German news agency. Check it out!

via Same-sex marriage in US: Equality through the courts? | Americas | DW.DE | 27.04.2015.

The article looks at the arguments ahead of a Supreme Court Ruling on same-sex marriages.

Personally, I’m uncomfortable with political power that is increasingly being given to Gay & Lesbian causes. This probably needs to be counter-balanced by traditional Judeo-Christian values?


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  1. Like Dr Alf I am uncomfortable with the power that is flowing to gay,bisexual,transgender and lesbian people through the media and by dint of sheer weight of numbers in the UK and other legislators.
    Gay people represent less than 1 person in 90 yet on the UK’s Labour front bench in the House of Commons they form a full 1/3rd of the MP’s,go to the House of Lords and you find a further collection of people who to put it mildly are personal promoters of bizarre and unusual practices.
    Judeo-Christian ethics is the foundation of English Common Law which in turn is the foundation stone of US law.

    Within the BBC and other media Gay people by dint of money and unparalleled influence are shaping the political and legislative agenda and in America the same thing happens through the film industry where disproportionate numbers of these people are in evidence.

    Manifestations of this are people like Stephen Fry ,Claire Balding the sports presenter who influence vast numbers of impressionable young people by their lifestyles and Twitter accounts.

    Traditional marriage is older than any Government but somehow “Equality” as a concept has been twisted to make any liaison,however bizarre ,be placed on an equal footing.

    This is dangerous nonsense as evidenced by the fact that all our successful major competitors have built stronger economies and greater prosperity than we have by using the traditional family unit and family values as the cornerstone of policy.

    People must live the lives they choose but the state should promote through the tax system and legislature traditional family values and reward traditional marriage with tax breaks that encourage people to stay together.

    Societies which do not do this suffer from rising divorce rates,non spousal cohabitee breakup and more people choosing to live alone.

    The UK has a disproportionate number of gay men due to estrogens and other chemicals in the water supply caused by fertiliser runoff from intensively farmed fields and from Bisphenol A a hardening agent in plastics which lowers sperm count in men,is carcinogenic and causes babies to turn out gay.
    All the established churches and major religeons need to take a stand and the public needs to be made aware of the full consequences to prosperity and economic wellbeing of straying from the path of correct living that has been established in different faith traditions for 1000’s of years and should,even for secular humanists,gnostics,agnostics and atheists represent a commonsense approach to life.

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